Few life transitions are as difficult as a divorce. Whether you have been married for a short period of time or for decades, having a skilled and compassionate attorney on your side to ensure that all aspects of your family law case are handled properly is essential.  Divorces often involve dividing substantial assets and debts, establishing child and spousal support, and determining custody and parenting time.  All of these issues can be emotional and have far-reaching consequences, which must be contemplated and provided for in your divorce judgment.

Kristin is deeply knowledgeable in the laws, court process, and potential problems in a divorce.  She is aggressive when the situation calls for it, and tough if your case ends up in court.  However, she also knows when it is in a client’s best interest to negotiate instead of litigate.  Larson Family Law strives to provide all of our clients with the best service and most cost-effective representation while devoting ourselves to the best possible outcome for our clients.

The first step in a divorce is to file a Petition which opens a case with the court.

The Petition outlines the issues – i.e. division of property, custody and parenting time, support. The person who files the Petition is called the Petitioner.  The other party must be served with the Petition, after which he or she has 30 days to respond.  The responding party is called the Respondent.  From there, any number of things that can happen.  A party can request a temporary order for things like exclusive use of the house, parenting time or payment of expenses.  Financial and other documents should be exchanged. The parties can negotiate, either independently, through attorneys or with a mediator.  If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the court will schedule a trial. Whether there is an agreement between the parties or a decision is reached by a judge, the final step is to submit a General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage which is signed by a judge and is the final decree of divorce.

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