Adoption is a life-altering event, regardless of the circumstances.  Professional legal counsel, support and guidance are imperative.

If you are an adoptive parent and have not already identified your child, we will gladly refer you to agencies who can assist you. Our role as your legal team begins when the child you wish to adopt has been identified.

If you are a birth parent, we understand that choosing adoption can be a difficult decision.  We promise that we will treat you with respect, and commit to help you fully understand your rights throughout this process.

We can help with independent adoptions, stepparent/second-parent adoptions, adult adoptions and international readoptions.  Each style of adoption has a different set of rules, but all require that a Petition be filed with the court to start the case.  In many cases, we also help to obtain the consent of the birth parent or ask the court to waive the requirement for consent.  Some adoptions require home studies; other adoptions require background checks.  Once all the requirements are completed, we file a General Judgment of Adoption for the judge’s signature, which makes the adoption final.

Kristin Larson, an adoptive parent herself, understands the myriad of personal and legal steps involved in adoption and ensures gentle guidance through this life-changing process.

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